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Just a quick note to get your year in Second Life rolling along nicely. Inara Pey – who is both an excellent and informative Second Life blogger, among her many talents – has a side-by-side frame-rate comparison of 8 different viewers under specific test conditions.

If you’re wondering how each viewer stacks up for raw performance for a given configuration, you’ll want to check out her results.

Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) – the performance of a viewer in frames per second is also highly dependent on other factors local to your system. Two identical viewers on two systems of the same basic specification could have quite different frame-rates because of a simple matter of a network device driver.

On the whole, though, while you might not get the same numbers as Inara, you should get results that are consistent relative to each-other as she does, given the same tests.

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