Tired of telling people that Second Life isn’t a game? Want to take a break from using Second Life to earn money for your groceries and mortgage? Want to kick back and not rework your Marketplace listings for better sales performance?

Announcing Second Life: The Game!

Plays just like the serious business and socialising platform of the same name*! Features gameplay and concepts from a familiar (and more importantly, public domain) board-game to allow ages 13 and up to have a good “first hour” experience, and some fast, easy fun.

A wide variety of Community and Linden Lab Policy cards makes the game endlessly replayable! Here are some samples:

Second Life: The Game provides hours of enjoyment without requiring an always-on Internet connection, and contains no DRM.

System requirements: 1 ordinary table-top. At least two players. Snacks: optional.

Second Life: The Game – Fast, Easy, Fun.


* Gameplay not actually guaranteed to be similar to the online content publishing, commerce and communications platform, Second Life.

Disclaimer: Second Life: The Game is a work of pure whimsy and satire. It does not exist. If you send me money, I will absolutely spend it and you will absolutely not receive anything.

Update: Thanks to Crap Mariner there’s now a Flickr Group for new cards. Thanks to all of you there’s some real beauts in there. My hat is off to your crowdsourced comic genius.

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