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Over the last few days, a number of Second Life viewers have been circulating among the general population that purport to be – but are not – other viewers.

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Back when the Internet was already old, but the Web was just starting out, a small company formed that was based heavily around transaction security and digital deliverables. The initial heart of the company were two men with money, one man who pretended to know technology, and a musician who had learned an obscure dialect of BASIC and imagined that he knew everything there was to know about software security.

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There’s an old saying about Internet experts. How do you tell the ones who are any good? They don’t ever use cyber as a prefix for random words.

Most people who talk about ‘cyber-warfare’ are full of bunk, and most of what you know about computers, networks, computer security and the Internet from television programmes and movies is woefully wrong.

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1. By and large, we didn’t learn to not put –gate on the end of things to signify a scandal.

You know, if it had been called the Watercock hotel instead of the Watergate hotel, the entire landscape of media for the last several decades would have been far different, or at least much funnier.

2. Most of us didn’t learn to get Linden Lab’s name right.

You’d think people would start getting that right eventually, wouldn’t you?

3. We didn’t learn to rethink our our basis for trust and for exercising caution and software hygiene when faced with the allure of shiny features.

Security professionals are doubtless still tearing their collective hair out over that, as they have for years.

So, give me all your money, while we’re on the subject, and maybe there could be a shiny feature in it for you… possibly. Thanks heaps!