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Please explain

Why is it that a the moral standards, particularly sexual standards, that are professed by members of a community always seem to be at least an order of magnitude more conservative than the standards actually practiced by those members?


(click for the larger version, and the witty and enjoyable Three Panel Soul comic strip)

But as surveys and research studies seem to show again and again, we all trend to come out against exactly the sorts of things that we are doing in the bedroom, the bathroom, on the floor, in other people’s bedrooms, on top of the television, and occasionally under shady trees.

Heck, look at the Puritans. You think your local red-light district is a bit extreme? The Puritans put them absolutely to shame with a variety and quantity of sexual practices that many of us need some sort of chart to figure out. (That link might not be entirely safe for work, so go use a little judgement)

Is it hypocrisy that we do one thing, but profess another? Is it a noble instinct, that we have first-hand experience, and thus believe that the practices should not become widespread?

Or is it that we mistakenly believe that what we do is not happening just about everywhere among our friends and neighbours already, and we’re trying to appear live up to some false notion of normalcy?

Any takers?

Categories: Culture, Maundering, Opinion, Utah.

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