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St. Torley’s Day 2010

Torley Linden to Be Celebrated on His “Saint Day” in Second Life
Second Life Church Reprises Its Event Honoring Linden Lab’s “Resident Enlightenment Manager”

Press-release, reprinted without additional comment RHIANNA, Second Life, Sept. 7 — Torley Linden, Second Life’s “Resident Enlightenment Manager,” has long been recognized and celebrated as a living saint. The First Church of Rosedale announced today that “St. Torley’s Day” will take place on Sunday, September 12, with a special service at 11 AM, followed by a party at noon. The party, hosted in Penning by Four Kittens of the Apocalypse, will feature live music by popular Second Life artist Kaklick Martin.

Torley Linden has written innumerable posts on the company’s official blog and created hundreds of video tutorials. He listens and responds to residents, holding weekly office hours and keeping tabs on Second Life content all over the Web, including blogs, Flickr, Twitter, Vimeo, and YouTube. His Saint Day is the Sunday closest to his “rezday” (the day he first entered Second Life), September 15; 2010 will mark the end of his sixth year “in-world.”

“This is essentially the same press release as last year,” said pastor Samantha Poindexter. “All I’ve done is change the dates, a few details, and this quotation. You’d think I’d find a more original approach, but nooooo.

“If I were stepping out of character, I might note that after the rollercoaster of the past few months—the Linden Massacre, the Second Coming, the upcoming Third Servile War—it’s nice to be able to step back and enjoy the only activity my church ever does that’s entirely without irony. We love Torley. He embodies the enthusiasm all of us have had about Second Life at one time or another.

“Torley represents Second Life’s possibilities,” she continued, sliding smoothly into last year’s sound bite. “In an uncertain world of beancounters and budget cuts, Torley reminds us that there’s still room for whimsy and watermelons. He’s responsive to us Residents because he’s one of us. We appreciate that he never lets his enthusiasm for Second Life get in the way of his recognition of where it needs to improve… or vice-versa.”

At 11 AM, local time, the observance will kick off with a special service at the Rheta Shan Memorial Chapel of the First Church of Rosedale. Torley’s story will be recounted, and hymns will be sung. Please note that the church is in the Promised Land of Zindra, so participants will need to be adult-verified or have payment information on file. The church is at Rhianna (79, 37, 25).

From noon to 2 PM, there will be a party at Four Kittens of the Apocalypse, run by parishioners Alchemy Epstein and Nakira Tennen. The first hour will feature a live concert by Kaklick Martin. There will also be dancing to Torley’s own musical compositions, a “melon-go-round”, the grid’s most heavily armed watermelon piñata, and more surprises. Guests are encouraged to wear the most pleasingly garish shades of neon pink and green they can find. The party will be at Penning (73, 109, 78). (This is on the mainland, and open to all.)

For additional information, please contact Samantha Poindexter via in-world IM, or via e-mail. Second Life and Linden Lab are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. The First Church of Rosedale and St. Torley’s Day are very definitely not affiliated with or sponsored by Linden Research.

About the First Church Of Rosedale:

The First Church of Rosedale (Immersionist) is devoted to the worship of Philip Linden, known in First Life as Philip Rosedale, founder of Linden Lab. It is believed to be the first church devoted to a Second-Life-centric religion. It was founded in Caledon Penzance in late 2007, and held its first services January 6, 2008. It moved to Phasma in early 2009 before getting transported to Rhianna in the Rapture. Services are held on occasional Sundays, and those of all colors, sizes, furs, and historical eras are welcome.

About Four Kittens of the Apocalypse:

Established by two parishioners—mad scripting diva Alchemy Epstein and lovable designer/builder Nakira Tennen—4Kittens encompasses a small park that looks like an army of playful faeries came through and decorated. Their work includes the ever-iconic Cathulhu, Roaming Freebies, Fishy-Go-Round, wide varieties of nifty cupcake-seats, and the fated-to-be-infamous 4Kittens Instant Wardrobe HUD. They are also the holders of the blessed Holy Waffle of Rosedale, a sacred relic officially recognized by the church in all its full-bright glory.


In Second Life: Samantha Poindexter
Via e-mail: samantha.poindexter@gmail.com

Summary of last year’s event:


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