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The seven day beta

Second Life Basic mode seems to have progressed with what one might call unseemly haste. One day from alpha to beta, and just eleven more from beta to production, it having been released today. Mind you, only seven of those eleven days were working days.

That might not seem so bad if there had been any communication during the process.

Right now, though, the only major difference that I can discern in the new viewer thus far is that it does not actually work – at least not from where I’m sitting. It’s the only viewer that Linden Lab has put out in my  memory that fell at the starting gate.

It appears to be looking up a DNS name ( _https._tcp.login.agni.lindenlab.com ) and failing – because it doesn’t exist – but where other viewers attempt to resolve additional DNS names when this one (invariably) fails, this particular viewer doesn’t seem to have the knack, and just resorts to whining.

Every other viewer works just fine for the moment.

I wish I could say I was astonished.


UPDATE: Rod Humble, Linden Lab’s new CEO, (and thus, Linden Lab itself) is aware of the problem. Rod messaged me to say that “the team is looking into it, and will post an update on status or a fix within 24 hours”.

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