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Falcon Linden is offering two prizes for successfully crashing certain Second Life simulator beta code. Both prizes are L$5000 (roughly $US20) paid in main-grid currency.

The first task is to attempt to crash a supporting beta grid sim with llCastRay(). Use of other methods (eg: Overloading the sim with scripts or objects doesn’t count). If the crash isn’t caused by llCastRay() it isn’t valid.

More documentation about the llCastRay() function is available on the Second Life Wiki.

The second prize is for crashing a supporting beta grid sim by using the new physics materials system. Physical parameters that can be set include: gravity, restitution (that is ‘elastic bounciness’ for those of you that didn’t do any junior high physics), friction, and density.

A decent prize, and you’re helping make the code better in the bargain. Beta grid simulators that support mesh should support the function and properties.

[via Beta Server office hours, 31 March]

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