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So, there’s that.

It has been rather a long-time coming. I first went premium with Second Life just four days after creating my account (if memory serves me well, which it often doesn’t).

It’s been quite the ride.

Last month, I dropped back to a Basic account. Second Life’s been very good to me for a long time. It hasn’t all been roses, but between a variety of in-world businesses, under different names, and all those times I did work for Linden Lab (though ironically, not at the times that people thought I was), Second Life’s put groceries on the table, paid bills, and contributed to the mortgage (after taxes, of course) – and it was very busy as a result.

Not that I ever intended any of it.

I just wanted to be a digital hermit, and do my own thing for nobody other than myself. Well, I screwed that up completely, and wound up doing a zillion kinds of work.

I’ve finally wound the last of it down, finished all of my stuff and contracts and so forth, put my alts to bed one last time, and that’s done.

If you see me, in-world, I’ll probably just be tinkering for my own entertainment. I’m going to make it stick this time.

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