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The whole family, pets included, were in the living room earlier this-evening, when there was a very strange sound.

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In the end-of-month round-up, I mentioned that I was a few hundred dollars short of a new PC that I was saving for.

Well, not anymore.

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You'd better not mess with Captain Flummox! So, I got a letter from the Australian Tax Office that my 2008/2009 tax-return needed to be resubmitted. The problem that I’m having is figuring out exactly where on the form to put an income figure.

No, not Second Life profits – that part’s easy. The problem is writing.

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Mar 19 2011

The story of Casey Heynes is doing the rounds. Heynes is a high-school student somewhere in Western Sydney, Australia, bullied for a very long time, and then finally reciprocated. Here’s some stuff about his story.

Now I’m going to tell you a story of my own.

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