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The team of experts from the University of Southern Queensland’s Australian Centre for Sustainable Catchments (ACSC) may work diligently at predicting future climate changes but how do you get that information to regional farmers throughout the world?

The ACSC has recently completed a successful trial of a web-based discussion-support for climate information for regional Indian farmers in Hyderabad and are hoping to extend the program to the rest of India and then to other nations.

The way it works is deceptively simple— using the ACSC’s research, staff and students from Toowoomba’s University of Southern Queensland (USQ) campus hold a casual discussion about upcoming climate trends over the online virtual world program Second Life.

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Astrology is a rather loose collection of traditions, beliefs and systems about stars and planets and their relationship to human events. While almost every ancient society had some form of astrological beliefs, it was the Babylonians who rigorously pursued a system of heavenly omens as a bit of a misguided early evidence-based system somewhere around 2500 BC.

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