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I started talking about the Second Life new-user experience from the perspective of ‘Jane’, an amalgam of many, fairly ordinary new users. A prototypical example of how users new to Second Life experience it. That’s a story that begins quite some time before they ever log in, and the first part is here.

Now Jane has gotten to the point where she’s aware of Second Life, and has a reason to try it out.

The next step in Jane’s story is the Second Life Web-site.

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This will probably be the shortest piece I’ve done on Second Life’s quarterly economy and metrics. There’s precious little data being published anymore, and what there is lacks even more transparency than we’re used to.

That said, there are a couple of good signs for a change – and it’s been quite a few quarters since I could really say that.

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Linden Lab have been testing the recent versions of in-world user-created Second Life games Zyngo and Deal, and aren’t at all happy with the latest versions of these games.

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What’s the difference between a ‘real’ currency and a ‘virtual’ currency?

The answer is: None at all. There’s only currency that is or is not legal tender.

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